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Interstate Moves

Providing interstate removal services throughout Australia.  Our primary area is  Melbourne to Brisbane and many destinations in between.

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// Please be advised that most dates to early February are now booked, there are only a few spots left. //

Some Things to Consider When Moving Interstate

  1. Where will I stay while my goods are in Transit?

  2. Is pet Travel Organised?

  3. Change over addresses, telephone numbers etc. with friends, family and service providers.

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What is Your Access Like?

  • Will our very large trucks be able to access your street?
  • Are there any load limited streets in your area?
  • What is parking like?

Preparing for an interstate move is a little more comprehensive than a local Canberra based move. Your goods will be travelling some distance and often on bumpy and hilly roads. The better your preparation, the better your move! See our packing tips for your loose items. Whether you are moving just outside of Canberra or to Melbourne or Brisbane or any other the many other Australian destinations, packing your goods well is key.

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