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Whether you're a homeowner or business entity, if you're relocating, trust Leader Removals & Storage. Call us today on 02 6262 2466 for service in Canberra.

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// Please be advised that most dates to early February 2023 are now booked, there are only a few spots left. //

Furniture Removals for Canberra & Surrounding Areas

The more comprehensive and accurate a picture we have for your relocation, the more accurate pricing and scheduling can be. This is an opportunity to provide a comprehensive inventory of goods to be relocated and to provide us with any information we might need regarding your access and your preferred dates. There are many variables when moving in Canberra, whether it be a unit in Kingston or Belconnen or a move between Canberra houses. If you have a small unit relocation in Canberra, we can allocate a smaller truck to easily access tighter parking spaces, whereas our larger trucks can be used for our bigger moves.

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Things to keep in mind when preparing for your removal.


Removals consist of 2 main elements- the packing and the relocation itself. A well-prepared move using good strong consistently sized removal cartons will flow more safely and quickly than moves that are not well-prepared. 

Dismantle/Reassembly : This can be done by the customer or by Leader Removals depending on your preference. When dismantling beds it is a good idea to place screws etc. into a clip lock bag and place it in a bedside drawer that will go into the same room, or within a removal carton for the bedroom. They can also go in a Priority Carton.

Washing machine hoses should be disconnected and drained. Modern fridges can be turned off on the morning of a move, just ensure all moisture is removed. We suggest allowing your fridge to settle for an hour once installed in your new premises before switching it on.

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It is important to ensure that truck parking is available near the access points.

Sometimes this will mean parking your own car on the street to ensure there is a spot when the truck arrives. Sometimes it means chatting to neighbours to advise that the truck may cause some access difficulties. They may want to move their cars to ensure they are not inconvenienced.

Trucks are much taller than most domestic vehicles so it is a good idea to check overhead lines, branches and hedges/plants etc. on driveways & paths to ensure access is available.

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