Container Storage Options in Canberra

There is a Sea of Options available for Storage

Our Canberra Storage forms part of our removal service and is aimed at customers who are in between premises, travelling overseas or require long or short term storage in Canberra where access is not required.

Container Storage in Canberra has become a very popular option for our customers who require short term storage between premises or long term storage.  We do our larger storage in Canberra in Containers which is an extremely cost effective option for the large household.  The truck arrives at your pick-up address with the container on board.  Goods are then wrapped in our protective blankets to keep your items safe and protected.  The container is then stored for you at our premises saving you the significant costs often associated with other types of storage which require unloading your goods to a storage unit and re-loading them again onto a truck when you are ready for delivery.

We also have smaller storage units in our Warehouse in Mitchell, Canberra for the smaller household or just a few items.

In addition, you can hire Containers or purchase them for your storage needs.  When buying or purchasing a container, it is important to note that furniture needs to be protected if you plan to transport your container.  We use quality protective removal blankets to protect goods in our containers.  If you plan to stack items to the top of the container, it is also a good idea to have some protective blankets or cardboard to ensure items don't rub or scatch one another.



Self Storage

Our Storage Options are not for everyone.  If you need access to your goods while in store, we suggest a self storage facility.