When you are moving locally within Canberra, you have a little more wiggle room as you can take smaller items in your car if you prefer.  When moving interstate, there is a finite amount of space in the truck and there are some common items that tend to get missed when tallying up an inventory. Individually it may not seem much but when combining several small items, it can add up to a fair bit of space that may not be allocated to you unless we're aware of all the items.

For instance, it is easy to forget small items such as lamps, small coffee tables, suitcases etc.  Shed, outdoor and garage items are often forgotten.  Wheelbarrows and garden ornaments are also often forgotten.  Colletively these items may amount to more space than we have available, so it is a great idea to organise a visit if you are in Canberra or the surrounding area, or complete a comprehensive inventory list.