Is it a Scam?

The email seems like it’s from a friend, a colleague a customer, but is not their usual Name or Look! Check prior emails to see if the email address is the same, if not, it may be a scam.  Check the spelling and grammar, usually a giveaway if it’s formal but incorrect.

Never click a suspicious email link, even if it appears to come from a legitimate source such as the bank, tax office or even the post office. Check the URL (uniform resource locator) or browser address.  If it is really from the bank it will start with “https” instead of just “http”.  The addition of the “s” indicates that it is a secure website and all banks will be using a secure link.  If you think it may be a genuine email, go to their website through your browser rather than the link in the email. 

Always exercise caution and stay safe.